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Telluride Gives 12.12.2012

From December 12 -14, 2012, The Telluride Foundation and other local nonprofit organizations hope that every single citizen will log-on to and contribute for the benefit of local charities. Donors search for and choose a nonprofit and give directly to something that will make a difference and celebrate the magic of the Telluride region. This is an opportunity for everyone who cares about the Telluride region to give collectively to the community. The Telluride Foundation has been supporting the good work of local nonprofits for 12 years and now wants to connect individuals with their stories, their success and their challenges. Each community nonprofit is invited to post an individual project that needs funding. Donors go to and select which projects to fund and what amount to give; donors may give to many or a single cause. A hundred percent of all donations go to charity (minus a processing fee charged by the credit card companies). Giving will commence on December 12, 2012 and end December 14, 2012. To learn more, visit and follow the action at


Telluride Rentals is donating 3% of their bookings from Thanksgiving to Dec. 1 to Telluride Gives as prize money for the organizations raising the most money and the organization that has the most amount of unique doners.  Telluride Rentals is excited to participate in Telluride Gives in partnership with The Telluride Foundation. We are happy to share this with our guests who will also be apart of giving back to the Telluride community. We realize the impact that non-profits make on the Telluride experience as both locals and visitors.