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EcoAction Partners In Collaboration with Mountainfilm Telluride Presents: "Terra Blight"


EcoAction Partners in Collaboration with Mountainfilm in Telluride: “Terra Blight” In Conjunction with Fall Electronics Recycling 2012 When? Tuesday, September 25th 6:30 – 8:00 PM Where? Program Room at the 5 star Wilkinson Public Library, Telluride, Colorado. What? In collaboration with Mountain Film in Telluride, EcoAction Partners presents “Terra Blight”, a 55-minute documentary exploring America’s consumption of computers and the hazardous waste we create in pursuit of the latest technology. The film will be followed by a discussion about the Town of Telluride’s ‘e-cycling’ efforts, and the ultimate fate of the towns recycling efforts. Come join us to: • Learn the unseen realities of one of the most ubiquitous toxic wastes on our planet • Unveil the truth about where your e-waste is traveling after the town’s electronic recycling event • Be a part of the conversation • Learn how you can make a difference