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Robert Lemler Figure Painting Simplified: An Introduction to the Figure

Lemler RED Web

Absolute beginners welcome! If you have been intimidated by the idea of painting the figurative subject, or simply want to revisit the basics of painting portraits, nudes, and costumed models, this class is for you. Robert will offer simplified concepts which will help the student build a solid foundation in the fundamentals of figure painting. Clearly expressed principles regarding values, form modeling, color and edges will demystify these sometimes confusing topics. Robert will present manageable concepts of anatomy and show how and why they are useful. Students will paint many studies of relatively short duration designed to reinforce these fundamental ideas. This class informative, non-intimidating introduction to painting the figure will leave you feeling more confident in your understanding of the human form and more confident in your painting abilities. Questions and class discussions are encouraged. Class is taught in oils but acrylics are accepted. Materials: Call for a supply list