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Pinhead Punk Science: Marvelous Molecules of Wacky Water

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Put on your safety goggles!  Scientists with exploding gases and rocket ships are coming to town this summer.  During these incredible events, children learn about atomic reactions, chemistry, physics, and more in hands-on, kid friendly activities with leading PhD scientists.  It's cool science all the time, outside a school setting. Tuesday, July 10:Marvelous Molecules of Wacky Water Cool Chemist – Dr. Ron Estler 5:00 – 6:00 PM Telluride High School Cafeteria Admission: $2 per Punk Description: Have you ever given thought to that wonderful molecule water that makes life possible?  We'll explore some of those unique properties of this simple yet stunning substance by pretending to be atoms in a water molecule and exploring fascinating questions like: What does it mean to make steam?  What can we do with it?  How about freezing?  What makes water so unusual compared to other things?  And what would summer be without a water balloon 'fight'?