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Deborah Paris Painting the Luminous Landscape

Deborah Paris

In this workshop we will focus on creating atmosphere, depth and glowing light in your landscapes, with an emphasis on atmospheric effects, particularly during the hours of dawn, sunset, dusk and evening. Learn how to incorporate indirect painting techniques like glazes, scumbles and velaturas to achieve soft luminous light and optical effects which can be obtained in no other way. This studio workshop will introduce students to the Tonalist landscape aesthetic and techniques. Tonalism, a distinct style of landscape painting which developed in the late 19th century, is experiencing a resurgence of interest today. It is characterized by simple design, a narrow range of values and a limited but luminous palette. Daily demonstrations and lectures, field sketching, one on one help at your easel, presentation and discussion of the works of past masters and an extensive Class Notebook chock full of information and resources make this workshop a rich and rewarding experience.