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Lawn Chair Cult Classics

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Everything gets better with age. This is the mantra guiding the second year of Lawn Chair Classics at the Conference Center in Mountain Village. “We invite families, young and old, to come enjoy a free classic cult film outside under the stars at dusk,” explains Scott Doser, program director of the Wilkinson Public Library. The opening film in this series will be a Blu-ray version of the Wizard of Oz. Employees of the conference center and the library helped choose the other films in the series. Ranging from science fiction and westerns to classic ski movies and Monty Python, these films are sure to take people down the proverbial memory lane. Some of the highlights include Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, The Goonies, Silverado, Raising Arizona, and Better Off Dead. Each night, one lucky attendee and their family will earn the honor of sitting in a plush couch to enjoy the film with all the popcorn they can eat.