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While Telluride already boasts many music festivals, the founders of Telluride Musicfest intended something different when they first opened their homes to festivalgoers in June 2003. Josh Aronson and Vincent and Ann Mai wanted to create a unique festival to enjoy chamber presented music in its intended form - first-class musicians performing in an intimate home environment. Josh Aronson explains, "Chamber music was intended for performance in small chambers, salons and private theaters, where two to eight musicians played at parties given by noblemen". Aronson first started having chamber music concerts in his New York loft a few years ago as a place for musicians to have a private warm-up concert before going public. He quickly realized that "audiences love the insider-ness of it and hearing big time music in a tiny venue is thrilling", and decided that his family’s home in Telluride would be the perfect setting for such an event.