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Speed Decorating with Jill Vegas

Living Room Small

Emmy-nominated TV personality, author and decorator, Jill Vegas, is a self-described “professional speed decorator”. She’s been transforming kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms for years with a sense of the cinematic, all based on her seven principles for fun and easy decorating. She can work her magic in a week or less and is sharing her secrets (in a glamorous modern mountain lodge of course) at her newly-launched School of Speed Decorating outpost in Telluride, Colorado. This 3-day seminar will have you accessorizing, selecting paint colors and furniture fabrics with the confidence of an interior design legend. Vegas believes that your personal style is important. She’s committed to helping her clients represent themselves through the rooms that they live in. “Allow me to be your fairy godmother,” she urges. “I’ve developed techniques that are speedy and satisfying and that work.”