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Exploring the Mystery, Spirit & Form of Telluride with Visiting Photographer Memphis Barbree


To create photographs that share a sense of mystery and magic, that touch the minds, hearts and souls of ourselves and others we must use not only a mastery of technique, but a mastery of feeling. We must open our hearts, souls and minds to the world around us - we must love what we are photographing. We must photograph with our whole selves - our sight, hearing, touch, emotions, thoughts, dreams and know how to communicate those with our cameras and developing techniques. In this workshop we will cover science and techniques - human perception and camera dynamic range, how to translate between the two, the grayscale, color space, reading histograms, contrast, white balance. Group image reviews will be paired with discussions about contrast, color spaces and grayscale. We will explore creativity - how to connect with ourselves, with the world around us, how to find inspiration, passion, love for what we are photographing. We will bridge technique and creativity and immerse ourselves in the magical winter landscape of Telluride and go beyond the dimension of the seen to make inspired images with depth and feeling to honor the magic, mystery and form of the place and moment. My personal love is black and white photography so the workshop will be most heavily weighted on the grayscale and expressing through the black and white image.