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Light & The Figurative Subject with Visiting Artist Robert Lemler

Lemler RED Web

The focus of this class is light and its characteristics of direction, strength and color. A consideration of these characteristics is essential to the successful interpretation of the subject. Working from a model, students will examine the character of natural and artificial light sources. The weak and cool light source offered by the Depot windows is very different from direct sunlight with its strength and warm color. Students will learn to recognize and interpret the qualities of these very different lighting conditions. Students will paint portraits, nude and costumed subjects illuminated by both warm and cool light sources. Be prepared to work hard and have fun! About Robert Lemler: Robert's distinctive style touches each subject. Robert believes that in painting, like poetry, real beauty lies in simplicity; stripping a statement down to its simplest form to make the most impact. His paintings are exhibited in finer galleries throughout the United States, and for over a decade has taught drawing and painting in the classical tradition at the Scottsdale Artists' School.