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Telluride Film Festival Free Italian Films

Tff Marchfilm

Join a different host from the Telluride Film Festival as we screen our last film in the series...Best of Youth. Marco Tullio Giordana's Italian epic follows the lives of two brothers from the 1960's to the 2000's, documenting their journey from the prime of their adventurous youth through parenthood and retirement. Highlighting the interplay between the personal and the political, the film examines the way in which seemingly small events can impact the trajectory of a person's life. Rogert Ebert wrote, "When the film was over, I had no particular desire to leave the theater, and would happily have stayed another 3 hours." This film was also a surprise hit at the 2003 Telluride Film Festival. Due to its length, Best of Youth will screen on Monday and Tuesday night starting at 6PM.