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Super Cut: 39 Years of Telluride in Ski Movies

39  Years Film

The Sheridan Arts Foundation, Telluride Historical Museum and Travis Julia present Super Cut: 39 Years of Telluride in Ski Movies. This compilation film will feature clips of Telluride ski film footage from a variety of a major films produced throughout the 39 years of resort history. The film, which is being compiled by Telluride local Dean Rolley, will also feature commercials shot in and around the Telluride area. Greg Stump, legendary director and producer of The Blizzard of Aahhhs will be present at the film with a few skiers featured in the original film. There will be a short Q & A session at a meet and greet event after the show for people interested in learning more about these athletes and the ski film industry. Then on Friday, Feburary 10th, stick around as Greg Stump presents the national premiere of the long awaited Legend of Aahhhs! This will be an unforgettable and special affair! The Legend of Aahhhs features a variety of ski clips as well as behind the scenes insite from a film production standpoint. Individual night tickets are $15 a piece plus $2 per ticket fee. General admission seating, all ages welcome.