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Green Business Roundtable - The True Cost of Food


The Green Business Roundtable on September 9th will focus on Food! We will unearth some hidden environmental and economic factors of food systems, and present results from the recently completed Community Food Assessment in the San Miguel River Watershed. The New Community Coalition (TNCC) invites you to participate in the discussion about underlying costs behind mainstream and local food systems, and give your input on the status of food production and demand within the San Miguel River Watershed. The speakers this month include local food enthusiasts from TNCC including Kris Holstrom, Executive Director, Emily Kuehn, VISTA Intern, Erik Johansson and Ilsa Johansson, west-end residents who were instrumental in completing the Community Food Assessment. !) They will address the cost of food from mainstream and alternative food sources, review current policy surrounding food, and address the question of whether corporate food sources are ultimately saving people money. Following this presentation, the status of local food production and consumption will be discussed through the presentation of results from the Community Food Assessment.