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Pinhead Punk Science: From Food to Poo: "Unraveling the Food’s Journey Through the Digestive Tract"


Pinhead Punk Science: "From Food to Poo: Unraveling the Food’s Journey Through the Digestive Tract" with Veterinary Virtuoso – Dr. Joe Alaimo. Take a trip through the long, winding, zone of digestion that allows food to magically change into energy for the body and... a by-product… produced by all creatures from the Kingdom Animalia, including HUMANS!

From 5–6pm at the Telluride High School Cafeteria. Suggested donation: $1 per Punk.

Pinhead Punk Science:

Put on your safety goggles!  Scientists with exploding gases and rocket ships are coming to town this summer.  During these incredible events, children learn about atomic reactions, chemistry, physics, and more in hands-on, kid friendly activities with leading PhD scientists.  It's cool science all the time, outside a school setting

For more information, please visit or call 970.708.7441