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The Pinhead Institute Presents: The Stargazing Series


Twinkle, twinkle little star — come find out what they are with astronomical astronomers from the Lowell Observatory as the Pinhead Institue presents the first in their Stargazing Series, "An Introduction to the Night Sky". The Series takes place at The Peaks Hotel and Spa at Mountain Village with a presentation at 7:30pm and stargazing at 8:45pm. Cash bar. Suggested donation: $50 for the series, $20 per event.

"An Introduction to the Night Sky" presented by astronomer Christopher Crockett.

For several millennia, humanity has been captivated by the night sky. Our ancestors found great meaning in the motions of the heavens and attributed the dance of the stars to their gods and heroes. To kick off the Pinhead Institute’s summer astronomy series, we will introduce you to the night sky and what it can tell us about Earth’s place in the cosmos. You will learn how to find the North Star, navigate the Zodiac, and interpret the nightly motion of the heavens. If you’ve ever stood in awe under the canopy of stars and wanted to better understand its secrets, then you don’t want to miss this exciting evening!

Christopher Crockett:

Christopher is a UCLA graduate student conducting research at Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, AZ on the birth and evolution of planetary systems in our Galaxy. By looking for planets orbiting very young stars near our Sun, Chris hopes to shed some light on where and how planets form. He is also passionate about science education and can frequently be seen standing on a sidewalk in downtown Flagstaff with a telescope and accosting passers-by with views of Jupiter. When not searching for planets or encouraging others to look at the stars, Chris is also an active thespian, swing dancer, and backpacker.

The Peaks Hotel and Spa:

136 Country Club Drive, Telluride, CO, 81435