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Telluride Mountain Village Owners Association, is pleased to announce the 7th annual snow-sculpting contest CoolSculpt that will be held during the Martin Luther King weekend, January 13 - 17, 2011, in Mountain Village.

CoolSculpt will consist of four creative teams sculpting and carving 8’ x 8’ x 8’ blocks of snow into their cool visions throughout the Mountain Village core. Sculpting will begin on Thursday, January 13th and the teams will work round the clock throughout the weekend to transform their cubes into freestanding works of art by Monday, January 17th for judging of creativity and technical excellence. New for this year will be judging by Ben Rand. Ben is the 2010 Gold Medalist at the Olympic Ice Art World Championships Vancouver, Canada.   The 2011 CoolSculpt teams and sculptures will include: The D.O. Double-G's, creators of the 2008 sculpture of King Kong climbing a skyscraper complete with tiny cars on the streets below, are returning to this year’s competition with “Lego Disaster”.   The Telluride Mountain School’s middle and high school art classes, approximately 30 students, will be creating another fantastic sculpture with the aid of their art teacher, Craig Wasserman. They will be creating an enormous couple of Peacocks enveloping a coiled striking Cobra snake in a sculpture depicting “Love>Fear”   Joe Cannella will be making his return with, ”Are you my Mommy?” This will be an enormous egg hatching a lovable creature into the new world.   Refined Custom Homes will make their first effort into the snow-sculpting world as the  professional talents of Bruce and Jody Wright from One Architects help create an engaging architectural space.   Prize money of $2000 will be divided among all the participants as a grant from Telluride Council for the Arts and Humanities has been awarded for this event, along with a 4 person snowmobile tour donated by Telluride Snowmobile Adventures. CoolSculpt is organized and produced by Andy Krueger of Mountain Video Productions LLC with the generous sponsorship support from Telluride Mountain Village Owners Association, Town of Mountain Village, Refined Custom Homes, Wells Fargo Bank, S.U.N.R.I.S.E. Inc, Telluride Ski & Golf Company, TCAH, Telluride-Rentals, AS Horner Construction, Telluride Snowmobile Adventures, Fairmont Heritage Place Franz Klammer Lodge and Diggity’s Dogghouse. The CoolSculpt sculptures will remain in the core for approximately 3 weeks, weather depending, for the public’s continued enjoyment.