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Telluride Tourism Board Annual Meeting

The Telluride Tourism Board (TTB) and the Regional Economics Future Task Force (REFTF) invites members of the community to the Sheridan Opera House on Thursday, December 9, from 9 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. for the TTB’s Annual Meeting and “Telluride’s Image: A Community Discussion” presented by REFTF.

  As the community’s primary organization to drive the visitor economy, the TTB’s mission is “to market and maintain the quality of the Telluride region experience for the benefit of both the visitor and the economic sustainability of the community.”   The TTB Annual Meeting gives community members the opportunity to learn about new initiatives for the upcoming year, review highlights and trends from 2010 and find out how Telluride compares to other resorts in the industry. Experts from the mountain resort industry, including Ralf Garrison from Mountain Travel Research Project, Dave Belin from RRC Associates and Karen Ruby from Signature Advertising, will offer insight into the past and future of our changing economy.   “Telluride has endured the economic challenges of recent years well, and will continue to strive to become an industry leader for the mountain resort destinations,” says Scott McQuade, CEO of the TTB. “The Telluride Tourism Board, in collaboration with community partners, is dedicated to achieving continued success for the region through tourism and visitation. The Annual Meeting provides a great opportunity for the community to understand and actively participate in these efforts.”   Following the Annual Meeting, REFTF will lead a community session that will focus on how the Telluride region uses its image to support local economic sustainability. The meeting will feature a presentation with some facts and figures about what drives our economy and our historic marketing efforts. A community discussion will follow, utilizing a state-of-the-art Direct Feedback System for instant results on survey questions intended to focus the discussion. The survey will also be made available to those who cannot attend the meeting. The purpose of the gathering is to further the collection of ideas that will be used to form recommendations for local and regional decision makers that can help support a visitor-based economy.   The Regional Economics Futures Task Force is dedicated to determining actions that support and enhance the region’s economy in ways that affirm our shared values of economic sustainability, community, environment and diversity.   “The collaborative presentation between the two entities will provide a broad and cohesive perspective. Both organizations are focused on achieving similar goals and value the community’s interest,” says McQuade.   Participants will also be the first to view local favorite Ben Knight’s new venture out summer video, a complement to the winter piece he created in collaboration with the Tourism Board.