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An Introduction to Wine Tasting

With Sommelier Steven Craig

Dating back to his early college days, wine has been a life-long interest for Steven Craig. While attending college in Salzburg, Austria, he leveraged that proximity to broaden his knowledge of European wines.  Upon return to his native California, Steven continued to expand his scope with frequent and often lengthy trips into California’s burgeoning wine country. Ever the hopeless romantic, he even proposed to his fiancée in Napa Valley. Steven spent a year working at a winery—with his only compensation being the wine he helped shepherd from grape to bottle and a deepened  insight into the wine industry. In the fall of 2004, he grafted this avocation to his livelihood. As the owner and wine buyer of Wine-Mine at Pacific Street Liquors, he strives to de-mystify wine, remove its pretension and make it an approachable, comfortable topic for everyone. While never describing it as a passion, it’s hard not to notice how animated he becomes while discussing wine—in vino veritas

Patrons of the Wilkinson Public Library are invited to attend this informative class that will enhance your understanding of wines, their history and the techniques for properly tasting and enjoying fine wines. You must be 21 years or older to attend this class, and pre-registration is required. To learn more about this class, or to make a reservation contact Scott at  or phone 970.728.4519, ext. 20. You may also register at Paci Street Liquors.