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Creating a Character


Join in a workshop for actors, performers, writers and artists with Sasha Cucciniello, founder and director of SquidShow Theatre. At the heart of every good piece of art, there are characters. How do you make characters real? How do they become fully realized beings? In "Creating a Character,"  we will explore how to develop characters in writing, on stage, film or in art work. Using different exercises, tools and the imagination, you will learn to create a full character out of thin air. Then we'll bring them to life—on paper, stage, canvas or whatever medium you prefer. This workshop is a collaboration between Wilkinson Public Library and SquidShow Theater. Free to all.


Sasha Cucciniello (founder, director, writer, producer, performer) moved to Telluride from the big bad city of New York, where she was a founding member of CuriousNoise Theatre and company actor with Red Metal Mailbox . Favorite NYC credits: the film "9 Keys" (Dishwasher Studio), Sleep Cycle (Duck Theatre), Fefu and Her Friends (The Culture Project), Rubber Chicken Suite (The Tank, One Arm Red), Space Karaoke (The Tank, One Arm Red), Travelogue (Curious Noise Theatre), Lovebird with a Mirror (Curious Noise Theatre), SHORTS (Collective Unconscious), Desire Caught by the Tail (Here Arts Center), City for Sale (San Francisco Mime Troupe).  She has also worked with Performance Space 122, Philip Arnoult’s the Center for International Theatre Development and The San Francisco Mime Troupe.   

Sasha started SquidShow in 2007 and has been writing, directing, producing and performing in the company’s theatrical extravaganzas ever since. Physical theatre, deep comedy and "letting it all go" are her hearts passion. She also loves cephalopods and Harry Belafonte.