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Colorado Women are Citizens

Progress, in this country, has usually come slow, often arrived late and has almost always entailed a long, hard slog. The right for Colorado women to vote was no different. Well, maybe just a little different.

“Let the women vote! They can't do any worse than the men have!” was the powerful battle cry chanted by legions of men, yes, men, across the great state of Colorado, many unemployed and fed up with a dire economic situation. Those voices, in coordination with the grassroots efforts of women’s groups, churches, political parties, farmers and other unions, secured Colorado’s unique place in suffrage history.

Colorado was fated to became the second state to grant such rights to women (second only to Wyoming) and the first to have done so by men voting for a woman’s right to vote. In fact, the referendum passed easily in the fall of 1893, but that was 16 years after the first attempt was made and after decades of efforts. Still, victory for the citizens of Colorado arrived 27 years before the 19th amendment to the constitution, with affirmed that no American citizen could be denied the right to vote based on their sex.

On Friday, March 5, at 6 p.m., the Telluride Historical Museum will shed light on this incredible and groundbreaking movement with “Colorado Women are Citizens,” a presentation on women’s suffrage in Colorado delivered by Dr. Marcia Goldstein, a Colorado native, professor, author and expert on the history of the women of the American West.

Celebrate March as Women’s History Month and March 8 -15 as San Miguel Resource Center’s Phenomenal Women’s Week with this presentation held  amidst the museum’s winter exhibit, “Fabric of a Woman,” a multi-media look at 19th century women of the San Juans.

Admission for the event is $5, and there is limited seating. For more information, call the museum: 970.728.3344, extension 2.