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Art Reception at Lustre Gallery

Lustre Gallery will present the newest work by Pflipsen-Olivova Glassworks. The husband-and-wife team of Steve Pflipsen and Katia Pflipsen-Olivová will be at the gallery for an artists’ reception both Thursday and Friday from 4 to 7 p.m. to present their large-scale sculptural glass vessels. The designs employed by Pflipsen-Olivova Glassworks were developed through experimentation, as well as their studies and work in the United States, the Czech Republic and Sweden. Steve describes himself as a glass blower who absolutely loves the creative process of working with molten glass. Katia, born into a family of successful glassmakers in the Czech Republic, has developed unique soldering and metal working techniques to adorn their glass sculptures. Each of their glass sculptures are handcrafted and unique. In addition to their glass work, Lustre will have a special showing of Katia's handmade jewelry. Each piece is one of a kind, and is made from sterling silver and copper wire, using atypical soldering techniques and embellished with semi-precious stones and glass.