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Book Signing

Between the Covers hosts a book signing with Judith Michaels Safford, author of Don’t Sell Your Soul: Memoirs of a Guru Junkie, from 5 to 7 p.m.

This is the inspiring memoir of a woman raised within the cultural confines of a Midwestern Catholic upbringing in the 1940s and '50s, and her life's journey as her consciousness awakens. Her path takes her through the expectations of the church, a painful marriage with an undiagnosed bipolar husband, and her food addiction. Desperately looking for guidance and answers to her innermost questions, she encounters a series of “gurus”—bringing her unexpected, but valuable, lessons that she integrates along the way. And at the age of 63, she begins to reinvent herself—and a beautiful, gratifying life of her own begins to unfold. Interwoven throughout her story are poems that deeply express her feelings in a way that the reader won't forget. This true story of a woman who learns to come to terms with herself, thereby opening the door to real freedom, will benefit readers of all ages.

About the Author: Judith Michaels Safford is a wife, mother, creative cook, baker, seamstress, hairstylist, student, teacher, grandmother, great grandmother, volunteer, leader, counselor, money manager, librarian, model, gardener, house cleaner, house builder, house painter, group organizer, promoter of good “causes”, dancer, massage therapist, exercise instructor, storyteller, poet and author.