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Tim Reynolds & TR3


Tim Reynolds has been playing music all of his life, starting as a bass player in a gospel band in his hometown of St. Louis to his days in Charlottesville with TR3, his breakthrough electric trio in the 1980s, to his recent recording and touring with the Dave Matthews Band and the Dave Matthews-Tim Reynolds Acoustic Duo. Tim’s progression has continued through his last eight years on the road as a solo acoustic guitar wizard, playing for crowds who have come to realize that Tim is not just Dave’s sideman; he is one of the most talented and thoughtful players on the circuit today.


After living in New Mexico for the last eight years, Tim recently relocated to the Outer Banks of North Carolina where he ran across two musicians, bass player Mick Vaughn and drummer Dan Martier, who would eventually form this latest version of TR3, his favorite project. After a chance meeting of these three talented players, a few rehearsals and several stealth appearances around the North Carolina shore, Tim realized it was time to get back to the basics of rocking out the way only Tim can. Once again, things have come full circle and Tim and TR3 is back to rock and funk the house. Their show is a mix of updated Tim classics to wild covers of everything from James Brown to Prince to TR3’s newest catalogue of material.  


Sheridan Opera House, 8 p.m. Tickets: $20