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Telluride Tourism Board Annual Meeting

 Over the last several months, Telluride has engaged in much private and public discussion regarding the region’s economy. Many members of this community are becoming aware that this economy’s foundation is based upon bringing visitors to town, and the recent recession has caused many people to reevaluate how we can survive and stabilize our visitor economy.

As this discussion progresses, the mission of Marketing Telluride Inc./Telluride Tourism Board (MTI) has never been more relevant: “to market and maintain the quality of the Telluride region experience for the benefit of both the visitor and the economic sustainability of the community.” MTI—with the help of other local organizations and businesses—accepts responsibility as the community’s primary organization to drive the visitor economy.

“I’m elated to see so much thoughtful and engaging conversation about how to bolster our visitor economy,” says Scott McQuade, CEO of MTI. “As we continue this discussion, it’s important for the community to know what MTI currently does on behalf of the Telluride region.” For those who share these economic concerns and seek improvement, McQuade says that it’s vital to participate with his organization, learn where we are as an economy and help plan where we want to go in the future. McQuade adds, “MTI’s annual meeting is the perfect venue to achieve these goals.”

The Annual Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, December 10, at the Telluride Conference Center from 3 to 5 p.m. and is free to the public. Learn about new initiatives for the upcoming year, review highlights and trends from 2009 and find out how Telluride compares to other resorts in the industry. In addition to McQuade himself, special guest presenters will include Ralf Garrison from Mountain Travel Symposium, Karen Ruby from Signature Advertising and Dave Belin from RRC Associates.