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FirstGrass Concert in Sunset Plaza

The Greencards

The brand new Mountain Village FirstGrass Concert features The Greencards and The Lovell Sisters. This free show will be in Sunset Plaza from 3 to 6 pm.

The folks at Planet Bluegrass are hoping this free show will be just the teaser you need to fire up for the opening Yonder Mountain String Band show at the Telluride Conference Center on Wednesday night and the amazing line-up throughout the rest of the festival weekend. For more information on the 36th Annual Telluride Bluegrass Festival, visit their website.

The Greencards


If you’ve followed this multinational threesome over these past five years, you know the feeling. From their personal histories through the content of their work, grounded in deep musical tradition but elevated by breathtaking technique and conceptual adventurousness, there is ample reason for interest ... for excitement ...Now, with their Sugar Hill Records debut, it’s official. Fascination describes the essence of The Greencards.

It was, first of all, their fascination with American roots music – bluegrass especially – that drew singer/bassist Carol Young and multiple string-instrument master Kym Warner from Australia, and violinist/violist Eamon McLoughlin from the U.K., to Austin, Texas, where they began performing together, and later to their current home base in Nashville. The urge to challenge themselves, to test the limits of any established genre, guided them on their first three albums. It has kept them focused as they accumulated awards and acclamations, from the Americana Music Award in 2006 for “Emerging Artist of the Year” through tours with Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson to last year’s “Best Country Instrumental Performance” Grammy nomination for "Mucky The Duck," a track from Viridian in 2008.


The Lovell Sisters

There is a word often used when describing rising Americana stars The Lovell Sisters: Passion. It’s what these three young women (ages 18 to 23)—Jessica, Megan and Rebecca—feel when they step on stage to perform. Passion is the fuel that feeds their writing and arranging, and it colors every note they play and sing on Time To Grow, their forthcoming new album.

The energy and spontaneity of American roots music that originally caught The Lovell Sisters attention continues to be an integral element of their live performances. Since 2004, they have toured throughout North America, and made three well-received European tours, with dates in Northern Ireland, Norway, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden and the Netherlands. “This music draws people together,” observes Jessica. “To see the enthusiasm people around the world have for traditional American music is really cool.”