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Telluride Theatre's professional company (formerly SquidShow Theatre) presents a world-premiere production: Alice Underground



Telluride Theatre’s professional company (formerly SquidShow Theatre) presents a world-premiere production:


Alice Underground: playing February 7th-10th, 8pm, at the Palm Theater.


Charles Dodgson was one of the most fascinating literary figures in Victorian England, however you would never know it if you bumped into him at a party. Dodgson was a respected math professor at Christ’s Church in Oxford, but he led a double-life. In 1864, Charles Dodgson, using the pen name Lewis Carroll, authored the monumental Wonderland books, continuing on to create other works of wild fantasy and poetry. But from where did the humble math professor draw his ideas? His real life was more mysterious than Alice’s journeys through Wonderland. “Alice Underground” explores Charles Dodgson/Lewis Carroll’s life as it descends down the rabbit hole to the creatures of Wonderland.  A completely original work of theatre, overflowing with nonsense, contrary logic, childishness, and storytelling Alice Underground is not to be missed. Don’t expect Wonderland.


Alice Underground

Directed by: Sasha Cucciniello

Written by: Colin Sullivan

Set Design: Anton VIditz-Ward

Costume Design: Melissa Sumpter

Lighting Design: Mark Worth

Original Music by: Sam Burgess & Ehren Borg

Featuring: Ehren Borg, Sam Burgess, Racheal Cooke, Marissa Mattys, Dahlia Mertens, Thomas Shane, Colin Sullivan & Melissa Sumpter


Playing: February 7th-10th at The Palm Theater, 8PM.

FREE for all audiences. (Donations will be accepted) Seating is limited.  PG-13


--  Sasha Cucciniello Artistic Director Telluride Theatre 970.708.3934