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Telluride Arts: Amy Levek, Chimera

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Telluride Arts Presents: Amy Levek, Chimera: 2D/3D


Telluride Arts | | 970.729.3930

Artist: Amy Levek  (970) 708-1231


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Telluride Arts presents a new exhibit, Chimera: 2D/3D, by local artist Amy Levek at the Stronghouse Gallery in February.


The pieces being exhibited are mixed media, sculpture created from her photographs. Levek manipulates two-dimensional photographs into sculptural forms, by utilizing a variety of techniques and materials.  Amy prints the   photos on a variety of fabrics, like cotton and silk organza, and layers translucent images and materials to achieve different effects. Some of the images are sewn onto aluminum creating sculptural pieces from bending and stitching the materials.


“I started layering fabric photos together when I noticed how fabric photos stacked on my work table were accidentally creating a whole new world of images. I was no longer limited by a particular "story" in the original photos.”


The exhibit opens on February 6th and runs through the beginning of March. An opening reception for the artists will be held during first Thursday Art Walk, on February 6th from 5-8pm. Regular hours are Tuesday-Saturday from 12-6pm or by appointment.


Telluride Arts is Telluride’s Community Arts Organization—supporting the arts and artists since 1971. For more information please find us 970.728.3930, Telluride, or on Facebook, Twitter or at the Telluride Arts Offices located in the Stronghouse at 283 South Fir Street in Telluride.


Additional Quotes from Amy:

“I'm fascinated by the way that photos take on a different personality when printed on fabric.”

“I love capturing the oddities that make up the world around me. Textures, colors and lines from subjects as diverse as rusting metal on a car door, the piles of glass and steel at junkyards, lost and forgotten items, and parts of the whole are all fair game. “


“Not content with scenics and portraits and the usual subjects that lure people into photography, my interest and passion are in the elements usually ignored.”