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The Ski the big bowls and explore an old mining town!


TELLURIDE, COLORADO—I can’t get enough of this place. That’s why, on my last day at Telluride Ski Resort, I’m revelling in Revelation Bowl, racking up as many laps of the big, white, bump-covered expanse as possible, before I absolutely, positively, definitely have to head back over to the front side of the mountain and report for a guided ride to a beer brewery on a fat-tired bicycle.

Not that that’s such a bad thing, but with a liberal coating of fresh snow, it’s a frosty version of heaven back here, with steep terrain and moguls that vary from pint-sized and puffy to monstrous and gnarly. Because it’s a wide-open, treeless expanse, there’s everything in between, too, which makes it a perfect training ground for folks like me honing their technique.