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Palm Beach Daily News: High Time for Telluride



TELLURIDE, Colo. — The heavy wood door of the cafe swung open and two cowboys brushed snow from sheepskin coats and kicked icy mud from worn cowboy boots before they stepped inside. They took off leather gloves and placed black Stetsons on the pegs by the door.


They were the real deal, from their wool vests and silver belt buckles to the “Yes, ma’ams” they spoke to the young waitress — as western as the 19th-century false-front brick buildings that lined Colorado Avenue outside, the main street of Telluride.

Obviously regular customers, they warmed their hands over steaming coffee and greeted other diners at the cafe, commenting on an approaching snowstorm. Through the cafe windows, I could barely see the 14,000-foot mountains surrounding the small town through the swirling snow.


Two customers dressed in high-tech ski pants, jackets and knit caps joined them. It turned out that the skiers were cowboys in the summer, ski instructors in the winter.