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Mountainfilm in Telluride and Telluride Arts host artistic residence4 BK Adams I Am Art

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Mountainfilm in Telluride and Telluride Arts host artist in residence BK Adams• I Am Art



Mountainfilm in Telluride, Drew Ludwig 970-596-6246

Telluride Arts, Sasha Cucciniello 970.728.3930



Residency at the Stronghouse Studios May 7-27, 2012

Mountainfilm Gallery Walk and Artist Reception Friday, May 25, 2012- 3:30pm-6:30pm



Article by Worn Magazine +HERE

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Think and be Creative. This philosophy of a particularly exuberant DC area artist, whose full name is BK Adams• I Am Art, has landed him the honor of being the first artist-in-residence of Mountainfilm in Telluride, in collaboration with Telluride Arts.  From May 7th through the 27th BK will be working at Telluride Arts’ Stronghouse Studios and welcoming visitors.  On Friday, May 25, his work will be on exhibit during the Mountainfilm in Telluride's Gallery Walk.

BK Adams• I Am Art's paintings and sculptures incorporate found objects such as bicycles, mannequins, lamps, parachutes decaying furniture-- and lots and lots of paint.


A “walking exhibit”, BK devotes his life, attire, and frame of mind to his art. His eclectic public art installations can be seen throughout his native city of Washington DC, where he has taken it upon himself to transform the attitude of the city through his art. “BK Adams challenges his viewer to see the world not as it is, but as it might be,” said Portia James, curator of a solo exhibit “Exercise Your Mynd—BK Adams I Am Art” at the Smithsonian’s Anacostia Community Museum last year. “Adams calls the viewer to get involved with art.”


Adams’ main goal is “encouraging the world to use 100% of their mind. 100% mind use.” He wants

people to evaluate themselves and their minds and push themselves to do better and be better. He

states, “Time and the ability to think, that is the freedom of all men, to be able to think.” His conceptual

work encourages viewers to use their minds and think about the art.


“I’m into details. I’m into making a small detail big and living it big. Celebrating a small thing like a small moment. Those are the things that turn my world.”