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Gadling: 10 Bizarre Food Festivals Around the United States


10 Bizarre Food Festivals Around The United States

by Jessica Festa (RSS feed) on Aug 11th 2012 at 12:00PM

While you'll find no shortage of ethnic food festivals, craft beer shows and wine tasting events around theUnited States, sometimes it can be fun to do something a little out of the ordinary. For a bizarre yet delicious experience, attend these wacky food festivals around the country. Want to make your trip extra quirky? Add some of these roadside attractions to the itinerary, as well. shroomfest ShroomfestTelluride, ColoradoThis mushroom-centric festival features four full days of shroom-themed activities. Their mission is "to educate citizens, both visitor and local alike, about the many incredible aspects of the amazing world of mycology." Attendees can immerse themselves in mushroom forages, fungal lectures, live music in Colorado's San Juan Mountains and, of course, live cooking demos and mushroom-infused meals. Shroomfest is an annual tradition, and this year from August 16 to 19 will mark the event's 32nd year.