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be. Yogathon, Juice Feast, Raw Food Delights.


be Awakened. be Inspired. be Loved. be Recharged. be Pure.

Yoga-Juicing-Raw Food

3 Days

Sept 17-19, 2012

Telluride, Colorado


with blakely Stein and erin Gehrke








Are you tired? Dehydrated? Low energy? Troubled skin? Poor digestion? Need some inspiration? Or your body just needs some lovin’? - Well...YOU are in for a treat. b ande are here to the rescue. Let this be the jumping off point to total vitality and wellness.


Revive the god/goddess within, lighten your step, increase your energy, awaken the warrior be a ninja, we must train!



Here’s the plan:


 3 days


Sept 17-19


Telluride, Colorado


 3- 75 min Flow classes with Erin


 3 days of juicing and raw food by Blakely ( available for pick up at studio)


 (add massage for additional fees by the healing hands of Teresa Frank)- email us to reserve.


 Other perks:


* Nutritional information

* recipes and post-cleanse counseling

* glowing skin

* more energy

* a whole new outlook on life

* information and introduction into hydration through an alkaline diet

* words of wisdom, encouragement and knowledge on cultivating more vitality and wellness into your life.







For the ultimate experience and yummy body delights during‘“be” begin by cutting back on wheat, meat, dairy, sugar, alcohol and caffeine. Also, limit the amount of onion, garlic and spice added to your food. These flavorings begin to mask or over power our palate. Avoiding heavy flavor enhancers (onion, garlic, chili and sugar) to your food will open up a whole new experience in eating and drinking. You will begin to taste the pure essence of food, thus becoming more present in your being. Tune in with your palate and your body. What is it that you are truly craving? 9 times of out 10 we are dehydrated, not hungry. Gulp down a glass of water before heading for the nuts and hummus.  Fill your plate with lots of color.  Drink lots of water, and get at least 8 hours of sleep. Start hydrating your body from the moment you wake up.

Sample pre-cleanse menu:

Warm glass of water with lemon, fresh fruit ( watermelon, berries, asian pears, apples), smoothies, fresh squeezed juice, leafy green salads, raw veggies, steamed veggies, quinoa, millet, broth based soups, herbal teas.




Take time for yourself during these three days. Disconnect from your cell phone, facebook and email. Sit and meditate. It feels good to let go of daily attachments.  This allows us to acknowledge how much time we spend preparing food and connecting to the cyber world. Practice yoga not only on your mat, but in your life. Become aware of how your body feels and what you truly crave.  If you feel like exercising, go for it, but make sure to tune in and give your body some major loving. Practice the act of consciously being present; from brushing your teeth, to climbing a mountain, in essence, this is trulyYoga.





Class starts morning of Sept 17 at 6:45am and/or 11:00am

75 minutes of sweat and stretching your body out with the lovely e, then pick up your juices and raw delights for the day. b and e will be there to answer any questions you might have and give you some literature to read and ponder while you are away. Return the next day for more blissful YUM.


 Juices are hand made in special batches with organic and local ingredients.  Nutritionally packed, loaded with enzymes, vitamins and trace minerals and taste absolutely delicious.


 Raw meals are made with local ingredients, never processed or heated, completely alive and full of enzymes.


     All made with love:

when the farmers on the Western Slope of Colorado can’t grow it-

we opt for organic conscious small farm varieties from the closest region possible.


**We’re not here to transform you into raw foodists. We are here to educate and exemplify the benefits of integrating both plant based foods  into your diet and yoga movement into your daily life. Making small changes can truly change your health, your energy, your happiness and your awareness in this world. You must determine what works best for YOU. Start a food and movement journal. Document your moon time, food cravings, energy levels, hydration intake and exercise/movement. This is a time reboot your mind, body and spirit. One day at a time we will begin to become more in tune with our bodies, ultimately benefiting not only ourselves, but our family, friends, community and world around us. If you have an dietary concerns, allergies, or other health questions please email: or call her directly: 904-629-4614



 Dancing with b in the Kitch:


 sample juice/smoothies:


 morning elixer: turmeric lemon ginger water


 brain smooth: banana kale ginger mint smoothie with homemade almond milk, spirulina,  maca and hemp protein


 green goodness: cucumber, spinach, celery, parsley, apple


 rooted in love: carrot beet ginger lemon


 hydrate yourself: watermelon, lime, apple, touch of himalayan sea salt


 golly green: kale, cucumber, mint, lemon, pear



sample raw meals:


 kale spring rolls with a miso-tahini dip sauce

 summer squash spaghetti with raw tomato sauce, roasted veggies cilantro-pumpkin seed pesto

 hemp -cacao granola bars

 rainbow wrapper with sprouts, avocado, shredded beets, shredded carrots, sprouted sweet and spicy pumpkin seeds; basil-apple tahini dressing

 chia oat pudding with spiced fruit compote, raw granola, and homemade almond milk

 zucchini hummus with carrot-fennel flax crackers

 carrot-squash ginger soup

 roasted vegetable pizza with lemon-oregano sunflower cheese

 kelp noodle pad thai

 avocado-cucumber mint soup

post - cleansing cabbage and ginger soup with broccoli, sweet potato and cilantro over millet


I’m starving what can I eat? -- first drink a big glass of room temperature water and then reassess how you feel. Most likely that you are dehydrated rather than famished. You can always sip on potassium broth, herbal teas, or steamed plain quinoa or millet to aid in detoxifying process.