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The Telluride Oxygen Lounge

Telluride Colorado's most relaxing serene location to catch your breath.
Come relax at the spa for all your oxygen needs. 
Oxygen therapy is said to be safe and enhance health and well-being, including strengthening the immune system, enhancing concentration, reducing stress, increasing energy and alertness, lessening the effects of hangovers, headaches, and sinus problems, and generally relaxing the body.

Telluride is located at 8,700 Ft above see level, with the ski area top elevation at 13,150 Ft  Spending time at high altitude can have its difficulties; Altitude sickness or acute mountain sickness is caused by reduced air pressure and lower oxygen levels at high altitudes. The faster you climb to a high altitude, the more likely you will get altitude sickness. You are at higher risk for altitude sickness if you live at or near sea level and travel to a high altitude. 

The Telluride Oxygen Lounge offers therapeutic recreational oxygen that can assist with high altitude symptoms such as:
Headaches . Nausea . Shortness of Breath . Rapid Heart Rate . Decreased Appetite . Dizziness . Light Headed .
Insomnia . Fatigue . Digestive Issues

Telluride Oxygen Lounge is located within Pure Beauty & Wellness Spa, check out the website for a full list of luxury healing spa treatments, Pure Beauty & Wellness Spa is also home to the unique and magical Telluride Salt Cave 

When possible book online or through the mindbody app to receive the easiest booking experience, if you any difficulties don't hesitate to contact the spa if you have any special requests or assistance needed. 

Conveniently located on the first commercial block of Main Street Telluride. 
333 West Colorado Avenue, Telluride.
Call: 970 239 6144
Text: 970 708 3787