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Telluride Salt Cave

The Salt Cave is unique and the first of its kind in South West Colorado, featuring a traditional European approach to health that is incredibly healing and soothing to body and mind. 
The cave is particularly beneficial for skin and respiratory health including altitude adjustment with its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. 
It is powerful for keeping your immune system strong as promotes cellular detoxification, the salt is an antiviral, disinfectant, antimicrobial and anti fungal. The salt will nourish you with its 84 minerals while you relax and enjoy the negative ion benefits that will help you sleep better, lift your mood and release your stress. 

The treatment involves relaxing and or meditating as you sit and breathe, absorbing the minerals through your breath and your skin. You can also enjoy yoga or massage in the salt cave, kids sessions, stretching sessions and guided meditation are available on request, group sessions seat 5 people, this is when others may be with you in the cave, are at set times during the day or you can book a private session and bring your own group of up to six people. It is best to dress in comfortable clothing and show a little skin to absorb more salt.

An incredible treatment that needs to be experienced to truly understand the magic of the cave. 

Telluride Salt cave is located within Pure Beauty & Wellness Spa, check out the website for a full list of luxury healing spa treatments. For all your oxygen needs while at altitude you can enjoy and relax in the peace and quiet of the Telluride Oxygen Lounge, also located with in Pure Beauty & Wellness Spa. Oxygen promotes healing of the cells, improves sleep, mood and energy. 

When possible book online or through the mindbody app to receive the easiest booking experience, if you any difficulties don't hesitate to contact the spa if you have any special requests or assistance needed. 

Conveniently located on the first commercial block of Main Street Telluride. 
333 West Colorado Avenue, Telluride.
Call: 970 239 6144
Text: 970 708 3787