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Telluride Institute

Telluride Institute was founded in 1984 as the "Think-And-Do Tank" of the Rocky Mountain West. In that time, the Institute has played a significant role in giving Telluride some serious cultural and educational identity during a period when the shape of the maturing resort was in flux. Founded to create strong local environmental and cultural activities in our corner of Colorado, we do this by working with communities, businesses, and the public sector to create and advance real solutions which support the health of environments, cultures, and economies. We collaborate with leading artists, scientists, and educators to map a progressive future. Focusing on innovative research and education in the arts, environment, and telecommunity this non-profit organization contributes to the theoretical and practical aspects of sustainable community.

Watershed Education Program includes:

  • West End Summer Camps
  • Real Science Summer Internships
  • Bridal Veil Living Classroom
  • Black Bear Awareness
  • Watershed Puppet Shows
  • Telluride Mushroom Festival Ideas Festival

The Telluride Institute is an innovative non-profit organization that fosters the transition to a sustainable world.