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Emergency Medical Systems

The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is a division of the Telluride Fire Protection District, which serves the eastern portion of San Miguel County. The mission of the Fire Protection District is to provide citizens within its boundaries with the highest quality delivery of fire prevention, life safety, fire suppression/extinguishment, rescue services and basic life support emergency medical services in a cost-effective and responsible manner.

The EMS division is staffed by three full-time paramedics, four volunteer paramedics, one ER nurse/paramedic, eight volunteer EMT-intermediates and 21 volunteer EMT-basics. The EMS division provides medical assistance and pre-hospital care 24/7, covering an area of 390 square miles and a population that fluctuates from 5,000 to over 15,000 locals and visitors during the ski season and summer festival season.

The Telluride Emergency Medical Technicians Association (TEMTA) was formed in the early 1980s as an organization to provide emergency medical skills as an adjunct to the Telluride Fire Protection District.