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EcoAction Partners

Partners for a Sustainable Future…

EcoAction Partners is committed to identifying, coordinating and implementing sustainability projects in San Miguel County and the surrounding region.  EcoAction Partners recognizes that developing a vision for a sustainable future requires the involvement of our entire community.  EcoAction Partners works in collaboration with organizations and individuals in our community to re-localize our economy and food sources, develop a greener built environment, reduce our carbon footprint, increase recycling and recover value from waste, expand educational resources and increase energy efficiency.

About EcoAction Partners

EcoAction Partners was formed in 2007 to implement sustainability efforts in San Miguel county. The 501c3 non-profit organization is funded by the Town of Telluride, Town of Mountain Village, San Miguel County, the Telluride Foundation, TMVOA, and San Miguel Power Association.

EcoAction Partners coordinates and manages efforts that contribute to balanced regional sustainability. These efforts encompass the three tenants of sustainability: Natural Resources and Ecology, Society and Culture, and Local Economy. In addition to the role of coordinating entity, the annual work plan will emphasize energy conservation (including enhanced green building standards), renewable energy, food security, waste reduction, environmentally responsible waste disposal and recycling programs, and relocalization efforts. Five working groups have been developed to address these issues, and are comprised of TNCC staff and community members.

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