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What do you do when it rains for days? Go outside.


Telluride has experienced an interesting weather pattern as of late: Rain. Everyone knows to schedule their outdoor excursions before the usual Colorado afternoon shower. But the sun always comes back to punctuate the end of each day with a magnificent sunset display of purples, pinks, reds and oranges, depending on its mood. So, all-day showers have been a bit of an oddity.

While some of my friends have exhausted their rainy-day go-to—the awesome movie and book selection that our local Wilkinson Library offers—I’ve rallied for some incredible rainy expeditions. My favorite was our adventure to Navajo Lake, an 8.8-mile (round-trip) hike in Lizard Head Wilderness. It’s been a while since I’ve willingly hiked in three to five-inch deep mud, and it was FUN. Don’t be afraid to get uncomfortably dirty, give your boots some Telluride character. *Caveat: Lightning. I’m not suggesting dominating a 14er that stretches up to the heavens in the middle of a thunderstorm. Try to stay away from solo peaks and scree slopes.   Other ways to enjoy the rain:   Ever relaxed in a natural hot springs in the rain? Snow, yes. But summertime dips are rare. A steady sprinkle adds an interesting element. Visit any of our local hot springs during a good rain.   Too wet to rock climb? Scout routes. Sure, everyone has their favorite climbs they always return to, but it’s fun to expand your repertoire. We went to our local bookstore, Between the Covers, and purchased one of their handy climbing books for the region. Then garbed head-to-toe in rain gear, we trekked around searching for the routes depicted in our guide book. Now we’re stoked to try out our finds.   What else do you like to do outside, in the rain?


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