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Warm Days Bring Waterfalls to Life


After a long winter, Telluride locals eagerly await the arrival of summer. One of the first signs that this magical time of year is not far away is the slow trickle of Telluride’s waterfalls.

Warm, sunny days not only lift our spirits but have the same warming affect on our many waterfalls, frozen solid from a long winter.  The suns warmth gradually brings the falls back to life, first with a slow trickle and then setting forth a gush of water so powerful you feel the mist tickling your face from 20 feet away.

Telluride’s waterfalls are starting to flow-a true sign that the season for summer adventure-hiking, biking, flyrishing, rafting or whatever your favorite summer past time maybe--really is here.

Here are some pictures of three waterfalls on Tomboy Road taken during a lunch break hike. The transformation has begun.

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