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Wagner Skis: Custom Made in Telluride


It is hard to believe on this beautiful and mild fall day that it snowed last week. The snow covered ski trails from top to bottom and stuck down lower in town too.The first big snow of the year always prompts a flurry of conversations about the latest winter gear.  What are the best powder skis? Which skis are best for cruising? What handles chopped up snow the best?

One ski continues to dominate the conversation-Wagner Skis. Wagner set up shop in Telluride and has become a highly respected ski manufacture. The skis are custom made based on your skier DNA.  Those lucky enough to own a pair of Wagners rant and rave about them. These skis create some serious chairlift envy. The best part is that the ski structure is not only customized but so are the graphics.

Check out this video to get the full scoop on Wagner and be sure to vote for them in the AT&T Real Stories contest, but a small warning: you will covet these skis so start saving up now. 

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