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Forever Gold: An Extended Fall

Road Trippin'

There are many unknowns about Fall. When will the leaves change? When will the peak of Fall colors be? Will the colors be good this year? When will the leaves drop?  I do not have the answer to these questions but one thing that I do know about Fall is that it is my favorite time of year.  This statement is a controversial thing to make in a town full of die hard winter enthusiasts that ski every single day of ski season and hike to distant patches of snow in the summer months.  They will certainly disagree but for me, Fall is where it is at.  

Telluride is drop dead gorgeous any time of the year but its super model status is elevated to a whole new level in Fall. The sheer beauty of mountainsides ablaze with gold and orange hues seem surreal, like something out of a photo shopped and highly filtered post card.  No filter necessary for fall in Telluride. 

This Fall has been very unusual, one I am naming “Forever Gold.” Mother Nature has given us an extended gift this year as we are still enjoying some patches of vibrant colors.  Normally most leaves have fallen by the second week in October and here we are, almost Halloween, and some leaves are still hanging on. 

Here is a peek at those hearty soles carrying this “Forever Gold” season. These photos were taken yesterday from the Jud Wiebe Trail. 

The weather is about to turn cold and snowy and the colors of fall will transform into shimmering white. For now, I am enjoying my “Forever Gold” before it is time to enjoy and expanse of white. The ski tuning can wait. I’m sticking to my hiking boots.


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