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There’s No Place Like Home

There's No Place Posted by on 24 April 2015

Coming home from vacation is never easy.  Like clock work, two days before vacation ends my mind starts to get cluttered and filled with to-do lists and the obligations of every day life. I start living less in the moment and think ahead to being home. 

But when I think of home, I realize I am excited to get back to my regular routine of daily life. I’m excited to wake up and see the sun crest over Ajax Peak at the end of the canyon as Main Street slowly lights up. I look forward to seeing the majestic Wilson Peak in the backdrop as a reminder of how lucky I am to live in Telluride. I’m eager to hike or ride my bike to work. Most of all I can’t wait to bump into people on Main Street and hear about their off season trips. 

The conversations vary as I hear tales about Costa Rica, Hawaii, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and many more exotic places but the one thing remains the same. All conversations end with, “I had a great time but I am so happy to be back home.”  So am I. 

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