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The Summer of Never Evers

Life is short. Make it Count. That was the mantra going through my head this summer and fall when I took on new challenges, some things I said I would NEVER EVER do.

I committed to doing a Half Ironman Triathlon in June. As a runner, I always said I would never do a triathlon because I am a terrible swimmer and I don’t bike (I didn’t even own a road bike.)  This was a BIG triathlon to start with especially for someone who could barely swim 5 laps in a pool and had never been on a road bike. But an amazing group of Telluride women talked me into it. The lure of being able to train together and share this accomplishment was too intoxicating to say no to. When I crossed the finish line, I was exhausted and tired and so excited that I did it.  Lesson learned-never say never.


A few months later, my friends and husband committed to doing Mountains to Desert, a 100-mile bike ride that starts in Telluride and ends in Gateway. The landscape changes from the jagged mountains of Telluride to smooth red rock canyons in the desert.  This ride had always intrigued me but seemed completely unattainable for a non biker that didn’t own a bike.  Because I had to buy a bike for the triathlon (thank goodness for Telluride Sweet Deals on Facebook, an online garage sale) and learn how to ride it, I was out of excuses. There was no real reason NOT to do the ride.  It was going to be a gorgeous fall day, the course was exceptionally beautiful, my friends and husband were doing it, and it was for a great cause, benefitting the Just For Kids Foundation.  

I decided to do the ride and my goal was to finish and have fun.  Mission accomplished.  I surpassed my goal ten fold as I had a fantastic time, pedaling and chatting along the way and taking in the amazing landscape between Telluride and Gateway. I even had a tire blow out and was rescued by the chivalrous Houston Road Riders (a group of 20 men who flew out from Houston to do the ride). What took Doug, an expert tire changer from the group, five minutes (including the ingenious maneuver of patching the tire gash from the inside with a $5 bill) would have taken me about 3 hours.  100 miles later, I, the non-road biker, crossed the finished line. Never say “never.”


What is on your list of Never Evers? Maybe its time to check one or two off . Whether its doing a challenging hike during your next summer vacation; skiing a black diamond run; learning a new language; or getting a second degree, anything is attainable.  Telluride and the amazing community has taught me a very valuable lesson. You can do anything you set your mind to. Never say Never.

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