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The Leaves are Changing FAST!

“When do the leaves change color?” And “When will the peak of fall colors be?” are the two most common questions asked this time of year.  This is a very challenging question to answer as the peak of fall colors changes from year to year.

Last year’s color peak hit around September 28. Currently there are clusters of Aspens high on the hillsides that are ablaze in gold but the majority of the mountains are still wearing their summer greens. The leaves are rapidly changing, with more and more yellow popping out overnight. We anticipate the peak of fall colors to be about a week away. Pictures speak louder than words so here are some photos taken yesterday September 20. 

IMG 3885[1]

valley floor fall

IMG 0480

As you can see, fall in Telluride is truly spectacular. Plan your fall trip now as the leaves are changing fast! Track the color change on our webcam page. We hope to see you in our backyard leaf peeping and enjoying the colors of the season. Take advantage of our Fall Lodging Special starting at $119 per person.