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The First Snowfall of the Year

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The highly anticipated event for die-hard skiers and the not-so-favorable, “it’s way too early” occurrence for those who enjoy the warm days of summer, happened this week--the first snowfall of the season. Sunday night, a storm rolled in and on Monday morning the high peaks were covered in a thick blanket of snow.

The overnight appearance of white on the peaks provokes two very different reactions from locals.

Camp 1 is comprised of die-hard skiers who would ski every day of the year if weather permitted. For this passionate group, the first snow on the high peaks starts the official countdown (48 days) to opening day at the Telluride Ski Resort. November 26. Plans to get skis tuned, gear inventoried, and bindings checked are set in motion.  When it snows again, some will earn there turns and hike to ski.

Camp 2 is the polar opposite of camp 1. They might have moved to Telluride for the winters but stayed for the summers.  Hiking boots, running shoes and mountain bikes are preferred over skis and snowboards. They are savoring the beautiful fall days and take full advantage by fitting in as many hikes, bike rides, trail runs and SUP sessions as possible before the snow really starts to fly. Instead of inventorying ski gear and making plans for ski tunes, they are spending time on Kayak and Trip Advisor researching which warm weather destinations are beautiful in October and November. 

Despite which camp you belong to, we all agree on one thing. Telluride is spectacularly beautiful this time of year and the first snowfall is truly breathtaking. 

First Snow in Telluride! from Telluride Ski Resort on Vimeo.

Video Courtesy of the Telluride Ski Resort.

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