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The Creative Side of Telluride Comes out on Halloween

Happy Halloween Jack O Lantern

There is an extremely high ratio of uber fit, athletic people in Telluride. This is not surprising as most people that live here are drawn to Telluride by the outdoor, active lifestyle. It’s hard to step outside and not want to be active and explore the mountains on foot, by bike or skis.

One thing that always takes me by surprise, though, is how unbelievably creative Telluride locals are.  This artsy, creative (and often humorous) flare is on full display during Halloween.


Our local radio station KOTO throws an annual Halloween bash and attendees go all out with costumes. Year after year, I am always amazed by the amount of creative genius on display.  Attendees often play off of current events and local happenings to incorporate into costumes.  One party-goer created the Freebox (an iconic piece of Telluride where you can drop reusable clothing and household goods. It plays off the concept “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”). I couldn’t stop staring at the large cardboard box divided into sections with household items and clothes on display cutting it up on the dance floor.  My favorite group costume is a series of Telluride ski trails: Jaws (wore a shark costume); Baldy or Bald Mountain (wore a bald wig); Gold Hill (decked in all gold worn by a women whose name is Hilaree or Hil): Millions (went covered in fake money); and Nellie (dressed as the rapper Nelly).  And of course there is just cool and fun creative costumes like Rock  Lobster. Talk about some serious skills with cardboard, paper mache and Mohawks. Brilliant!

Rock Lobster

The KOTO Halloween Bash is tomorrow night. I better put on my creative thinking cap. My store-bought Target costume isn’t going to cut it amongst this crowd.


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