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Telluride's Eye Candy: Wildflowers

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One of my favorite times of the year in Telluride is late July and early August. Wildflowers start popping out creating an abundance of eye candy. Now is the time to get out and gawk at the sheer beauty of the high alpine basins and mountains ablaze in vibrant colors that seem too beautiful to be real!

There are an abundance of hikes in Telluride that offer great viewing of wildflowers but a few of my favorites are:

Hope Lake

The Hope Lake hike offers a double dose of eye candy—incredible wild flowers around a gorgeous alpine lake. Little bluebells, ink trumpets and white daises splash color across the landscape. This hike is a moderate, 7-mile out and back (3.5 miles to the lake) with a steady incline.

Sneffels Highline Trail 

Sneffels Highline hiking trail is on the longer side (a 14-mile loop) and does involve some steep climbs but your effort will be rewarded. The grand prize is walking through waist-high fields of lupine and Indian paintbrush if you hit the peak of wildflower season. The trail head starts at the Jud Wiebe or at Mill Creek Road west of town.

Wasatch Trail 

The Wasatch Trail hike is a lung buster but so spectacular! This hike climbs into high alpine basins ablaze in color from the abundance of flowers. The whole loop is 10 miles but you can take an abbreviated version by taking the cut off to Gold Hill which puts you out at the top of the ski area. Follow See Forever down to the gondola. The trail head starts near the top of Bear Creek or from the Bridal Veil Power Plant. 

If you don’t have the time for a longer hike, shorter trails such as Bear Creek and Jud Wiebe have a fair share of wildflowers too.

Our latest Telluride Moments video captures the beauty of these mountains by foot. Tempt your senses. 


The good news is that you can never consume too much of this candy. Get it while supplies last!

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