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Telluride Trivia Nights: Where random knowledge is king


So you've spent your day hiking, biking, fish or climbing and you just want to take a load off but have fun too. You're in luck in Telluride. Every Monday-Wednesday various restaurants and bars host trivia nights. Check-out where to go below! 

Monday Nights:

Where: Cornerhouse Grille

When: 8:30 pm

Hosted by Gondola Game Show host Brent Hodgson, this night of trivia is more than just random questions. Hodgson incorporates video and photos categories that are sure to keep players engaged. 

Grab a beer, order some tots and put your game face on for a night of fun. 

Tuesday Nights:

Where: The Steaming Bean

When: 8:30 pm

Get there early. This one packs out. Squidshow Theatre's Colin Sullivan hosts each night and brings humor to well thought-out categories. The Bean, which functions as a local's favorite coffee bar/cafe during the day, opens a bar at night giving trivarians a great way to kick-back and relax with unique cocktails and a wide assortment of Colorado beers while they fight for a win. 

Wednesday Nights:

Where: Brown Dog Pizza

When: 8:30 pm

With categories ranging from the NBA draft to fly fishing terminology, Brown Dog Trivia covers a wide array of topics. Celebrate the close of hump day by grabbing one of their famously delicious deep dish pizzas and a pitcher of PBR and play to win a bar tab for your group! 




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