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Telluride Inside & Out offers TellurideFilm Festival coverage

Telluride Film Festival 2011

Want to keep-up with everything going on with the Telluride Film Festival (this Friday through Monday)? Check-out the Telluride Inside and Out blog starting today at noon for LIVE coverage!

Telluride Film Festival coverage, Live at Noon Today

by Clint Viebrock

On line, Palm Theatre, TFF 2010 The morning e-mail feed on Telluride Inside… and Out looks a bit weak today. Trust me—there will be plenty to read at noon. That's when the embargo on coverage for the Telluride Film Festival for this year ends.

We'll go live right after 1200 MDT with all the stuff you need to know to navigate this year's Telluride Film Festival, and you'll get it right from Gary Meyer in his conversations with Susan. You can't get more direct than that.

See you at noon…

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