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Ben Affleck's, Argo at the Telluride Film Festival

Film Festival Argo Header

 The 39th annual Telluride Film Festival has now been and gone, but left in it's wake is a lot of chatter and enthusiasm regarding certain films and Oscar nominations. Although there were many fantastic films at the festival, Ben Affleck's latest film, "Argo" is certainly capturing a lot of this attention and after seeing the film at the festival, we can understand why. 

Affleck was in town for the festival and was blown away by Telluride and the festival, but his film 'Argo' did the same for festival visitors. The timing of a film with such subject manner as "Argo" is perfect, but it doesn't end there—the storyline draws in the audience, as the political thriller presents a real American CIA hero that everyone can get behind. Its no wonder the film finished to a rousing ovation at the festival and has continued with glowing reviews since. Expect to hear more about this one as it will showcase as the annual Toronto Film Festival as well.

Take a look at the gangbuster trailer for the film and be sure to see the movie if you get the chance.

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